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  1. Hot Spring Soaking Pool is SELF SERVICE to MEMBERS ONLY by pre-reserved appointment. There is NO PUBLIC ACCESS, you will be considered tresspassing by entering the pool area without a MEMBERSHIP and appointment.
  2. Private reservation fee is $10 per person per hour ($20/hour minimum), plus tax (overnight guests half price).
  3. Look for an email invoice sent by a human (not immediately!). You may be billed AFTER your soak! Enjoy your soak and pay later if you don't get an invoice before your soak time. Please check your email using wifi in lot if you didn't see it before you arrive. There is NO CELL SERVICE on the way to or in Lowman.
  4. CANCEL ASAP if you must so we can reopen the slot. Fees will only apply if we can not rebook. Unpaid no shows can result in loss of soaking privileges.
  5. NO GLASS, no animals and NO FOOD in the pool or on pool deck. BYO ashtray if you smoke, do not leave butts or ashes!
  6. NO GLASS!!! Broken glass is nearly invisible underwater, could cause significant injury and will require draining of the whole pool. This is serious rule, violation can result in BANISHMENT and loss of MEMBERSHIP with no refund. NO GLASS. Thanks.
  7. If Duke, a neighbor's dog, is visiting, please tell him to go home. He isn't allowed to swim, chew up pinecones or beg you to throw tiny bits of bark.
  8. Use is exclusively AT YOUR OWN RISK. Swimming is not recommended unless you understand the natural pure untreated water could become contaminated at any time by circumstances beyond our control, as in a lake or pond. Members must be 18 years old and have signed and verified waiver for minor children.
  9. Should a "fecal event (poop)", "vomit/blood" or "dead animal" or any other significantly unsafe situation in the water, please vacate immediately and notify us by leaving a voice message at the phone by cafe. Hang CLOSED TO CLEAN sign and lock gate behind you. We will resolve and sanitize ASAP.
  10. Canned beverages are allowed. Consume responsibly.
  11. Pack in/Pack out. Lowman doesn't have trash service. We have to haul what you leave...
  12. Respectful, quiet behavior is expected.
  13. Read and understand rules posted on changing room when you arrive.
  14. Clean up after yourselves, including ashes/gum/bandaids. People go barefoot here. BYO ashtray if you smoke.
  15. Do not rearrange bricks or foam. If it's too hot or cold please notify us, by using phone outside cafe.
  16. Drive carefully and respectfully. Do not block gate.
  17. Pets are allowed near (not in!) the pool. Keep them under control and picked up after. They may encounter dangerous/vulnerable wildlife and/or free range chickens/dogs/kids. We don't want them to be a victim of the highway, sharp hooves or roosters. Please don't bring if they won't be friendly or will bark much.
  18. Bring your own towels, robe, flip flops, hats etc have a great time! :)
  19. and to require my guests (refer to MEMBERSHIP rules for guests) abide by them.

Big Hot, Warm & Cool Pool - Members Only Private Soaks at Haven Hot Springs

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